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My 2018 resolution was to try at least two new recipes a month. Two recipes a month resulted in at least two recipes a week and an undiscovered passion for meal prep. I spend a chunk of time on Saturday mornings reading through my recipe books, perusing food Instagram accounts, and catching up on some of my favorite food blogs. I try to plan at least one meat based dish and one vegetarian based dish each week. Derek will willingly eat all of my vegetarian and vegan meals but is a lover of a good ol’ meat and potatoes dish.

Meal prepping has truly helped us save money, time, and calories. On weeks where we both have packed schedules and very little time to make a full meal, having meals ready to go or at least a clear idea of a quick and easy recipe to make saves us from frequently eating out. Derek has a countdown in his head of how many days he goes without eating pizza. I will obligingly eat pizza every once in a while, but will choose a home cooked meal over pizza any day.

This week, I had leftover butternut squash, asparagus, and chicken. I chose the following recipes for the week:

  1. Cinnamon Roasted Butternut Squash Soup. This recipe is from a recipe book by Skinnytaste. A similar recipe can be found here
  2. Enmoladas de pollo. For those of you that don’t know what enmoladas are, they are enchiladas made in a delicious mole sauce. My grandparents sent me back home with pounds of already made mole. No recipe to follow here. I shredded chicken from a whole roasted chicken and am planning to top them with mole, queso fresco, and crema (Mexican sour cream).
  3. Peanut Chicken Power Bowls. The recipe is from the Kitchn and can be found here
  4. Creamy Spring Vegetable Chickpea Curry from Hummusapien

Stay tuned for pics and updates of how these recipes turned out!

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